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The world has changed: more than ever, the Internet is an essential part of everyone's life.

Today, barely 1 in 4 Europeans has access to high-speed Internet.

And yet, since 2008, neosat has been offering high-speed Internet by satellite to all isolated French people in "white zones" in mainland France.

Neosat has a solution to further reduce this digital divide and connect people together: offer high-speed Internet via satellite to 6 European countries.
super-fast, at home.
Developed by Europe's aerospace giants, the new KVHTS satellite is a technological jewel 7 times more powerful than its predecessor, capable of connecting Europe's citizens.
Neosat will deliver high-speed Internet to your home, wherever you are, with a simple dish.
access to the world.
Everything is now possible: your essential daily needs, keeping in touch with your loved ones, your professional activity.
Communicate, entertain, learn, work and trade without restrictions from the comfort of your own home.
So that your view of the world and your actions are legitimate.

Experts in Internet connections since 1995

Nordnet - part of the Orange Group - has been an Internet service provider for nearly 30 years, and has always been an advocate of digital equity.
Our mission: to put an end to inequalities in access to the Internet, so that every home and every business has immediate access to very high-speed broadband, even in the most isolated or inaccessible locations.
Nordnet has been the leader in satellite Internet access in France since 2008. Today, this expertise culminates in neosat, the universal connection solution: wherever you are, Nordnet connects.

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